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TrueFresco.Net - FPAA&ID Image Database's FAQ! 

The following are some frequently asked questions about the database. If after reading this, and exploring on your own, you still have questions, feel free to post a message in the Cafe al Fresco Discussions forum or use our contact form.

Q: What types of images are in the FPAA&ID Image Database?

A: We have two main venues in the Database - "Professional" and "Classic Collection"

"Classic collection" categories are "museum style" categories and contain
pictures of as title say's classic art/architecture/design masterworks.
This categories are moderated by FPAA&ID Image Database stuff.
Contributions are strongly encouraged and can be uploaded to
"Pending approval" subcategory or emailed to us.

"Professional" categories contain

All sorts of visual reference material and tools to assist in presenting your work to a potential or existing client, find a professional for your development/building or decorating/remodeling project! Images of commercial or residential projects including: frescoes, murals, architecture, public art, interiors, people, fine art, sculptures, and much much more. Every image is accompanied with a dedicated message board were users can post questions and comments about the image. Think of posting your material in FPAA&ID Image Database as if you would advertise your company in, lets say "Architectural Digest", "Interior Design" or "Art in America" but free of charge and your articles will never go away as it would be when the magazine issue you advertised in becomes old.

Q: Who owns all of these images?

A: No one owns all of them. As the library is a collaborative effort between the members of FPAA&ID Image Database!, these images are considered in the public domain, however, the sole ownership of each image remains with the person who uploaded it to the library.

Q: So, if I upload an image, am I giving explicit permission for others to use the image as a reference for painting, drawing, etc?

A: That is correct. However, contributors of images retain general reproduction rights to the image itself (in photo form).

Q: Who can post images the database?

A: Anybody can use the database and post comments, However to post images you need to register a unique user name.

Q: This is very cool! What else can I do in the FPAA&ID Image Database?
In addition to the many images in the library, you'll also find a number of shortcuts and tools to make your life easier. For example, every image that you upload to a any category (please choose an appropriate category) automatically gets listed within your Member Gallery under your USER name. With our unique "SimplerURL" service Your Member Gallery is virtually at your fingertips to instantly show your portfolio to a client without Zipping, emailing attachment, loosing a response in a wad of junk mail... 

For example (just one of many uses for our database)

Problem: Your client needs to see some of the latest photos of
your project but you did not have time to add the photos 
to your website, sending photos as attachments takes to
long and does not guarantee that the recipient will
get the attachments plus you may need to send it to
more than one person...

Post images in FPAA&ID Image Database, setup the
forwarding URL
USER_NAME.truefresco.net using our
SimplerURL service - 3 simple steps, you will
only have to do it once. Then email your easy to remember URL
to your gallery in our Database to
as many people as you wish. Done...
SimplerURL service can also be used to setup an easy to remember URL to any other website, (more info here)

Q: I have some great photos! How can I contribute?

A: It's easy. If you aren't already a member of FPAA&ID Image Database, please join now (it's free, so why not!). Once you've joined, all you need to do is log into our account, using your user name and password. Note: if you are already a member, and are logged into the database, you won't have to log in again (if you are using cookies, of course).

Q: What if I have some suggestions for a new category of images?

A: Just let us know! Just post a message in the site discussions forum, and let us know what your thoughts are.

Q: I noticed that many images do not have descriptions or keywords associated with them. This obviously makes it hard to search for things - help!

A: We "batch" load many images from time to time - we will eventually get around to documenting them. Also, as any registered member can upload images to the archive, it is a responsibility of each member to provide an adequate title, description, and keyword list for each image.

Q: I have posted a wrong image or selected a wrong category, what can I do?

A: Not a problem! You can edit everything associated with your image (keywords, descriptions, move to a different category) and you can delete your images.

Q: How many images can I upload?

A: There is no limit to the number of images to upload, on signup you are allocated 0.5 Mg of server space (about 10 photos), when you run out Contact Us for the additional server space. If you have images for our "Classic" categories (reference museum style categories) - you need to upload those images to "Pending approval" subcategory using
the word "PendingApproval" (one word - no spaces) as username and password. You need to logout and log back in with this user name this way you will not be using your allocated disk space. If you find this complicated - contact us.

Q: I am extremely excited about FPAA&ID Image Database and have hundreds of QUALITY images that I believe would need to be in your database - I don't want to have to upload these 1 at a time. What is the fastest way to get a large number of images into the system?

A: Yes! If you can put them on a CD, contact us for the details.