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What is SimplerURL® URL forwarding service? 

SimplerURL gives you an easy to remember REAL DOMAIN NAME for you to use with your web site ... Instantly!

You can keep your URL for the rest of your life, even if you change from one service-provider to another or if your Target URL changes.

Easy to change/modify
Your personal password offers you the possibility to change your Target URL or other information related to your account whenever you want. ...even if you change ISP, your SimplerURL subdomain will be the same. Your previous visitors will still be able to find you at the same address, so you won't lose any if you move hosts.

Easy to remember
The most important thing on the web is that people know how to find you, especially when you are promoting your site in advertisements. With your SimplerURL URL you can make sure your website will be found.

Many people don't own a domain name. Their web address depends on which ISP or free-webspace-provider they're with, for example their URL would be http://members.ISP.com/~username. Your SimplerURL subdomain is your own domain name, unique from everyone else. You get to choose which one you wish to have, not your ISP.

No charges
This service is completely free. Only a small pop-up window or a delay page will be shown, when someone accesses your subdomain. You have to choose one of those 2 advertising-methods. However, if you really don't want any advertisements - no problem get Premium SimplerURL Service.

There will not be any ads by default if you are setting a forwarding URL for your member gallery in FPAA&ID Image Database - no need to do anything!

If after reading this, and exploring on your own, you still have questions, feel free to post a message in the Cafe al Fresco Discussions forum or use our contact form.

Two Easy steps to setup your SimplerURL® 

If you are setting up a forwarding URL to your existing URL proceed to Step 1.

If you are setting up a forwarding URL to your Member Gallery at FPAA&ID Image Database you will need to do the following (read to the end before proceeding):

A) Open Member Galleries Category in a new window.
B) In the Member Galleries Category find your user name and click on it (you may have to look through several pages depending on how many members we have at the moment).
C) After your Member Gallery page loads it's URL will appear in browser's navigation bar. Highlight this URL and copy. You will need to paste this URL into "Your Target/Current URL" field of the form below. Return to this window and proceed to
Step 1.

To open Member Galleries Category in a new window click HERE.


Make Sure you have only one "http://" part in your Target/Current URL field!

Sign-up for SimplerURL - Step 1 of 2

Username: http://.truefresco.net/

Your Target/Current URL:

Your Email Address:

Your Name:

Website Title:

Your Desired Password:

Website Description:

Website Keywords:

Ad Preference:

Ad in a popup

Ad on delay page

If you do not wish to have delay
or popup page upon forwarding,
please fill up the registration,
click submit and on the
following pages you will be presented
with - How to remove PoPup/Delay page
from your account (Premium SimplerURL)
If you are setting a forwarding URL for
your member gallery in
FPAA&ID Image Database - no need
to do anything - there will not
be any ads by default!

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